About Us

Good health is the fundamental requirement for ascertaining the purpose of life to perform duties, carry on livelihood and seek pleasure, Salvation and Realization.

Unfortunately from the dawn of creation and time immemorial, humanity has been suffering from ‘Adhi’ and ‘Vyadhi’ (Psychophysical sufferings).

For the purpose of prevention, care and cure of Psychophysical suffering, ancient Indian sages and yogis have developed the knowledge of Hath Yoga, Raj Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Geeta Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc.

The ideology, technology and philosophy of yoga have been developed on the basis of several years of experience and research on its educational, therapeutic and spiritual aspects.

Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati runs various yoga courses for the benefit of the society at Yoga Kutir near the lake in lush green surroundings of trees and shrubs on the Bhavan’s Campus, Andheri. The only place in Mumbai, which offers a serene atmosphere for yoga.

Under the able guidance of Yogacharya Dr. Hansraj Yadav, Yoga Vachaspati Anil Kavish, and with active co-operation of able Yoga Shastris and Yogacharyas Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati is organizing and conducting different short and long-term yoga courses for the different strata of Society.

It is a fact that modern man suffers from strains, stresses and tension, physical diseases, erratic climatic changes and allergens.

Keeping this in mind.We, therefore, have evolved Yoga programme of “Yoga Retreat”, “Teacher Training courses and other general courses to provide life a direction based on India’s eternal values that permeates every aspect of man’s existence physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual.mind, a comprehensive practical system of self-culture has been formulated which through changeable psychic potencies ultimately leads to physical well being, mental harmony, moral elevation and habituation to spiritual consciousness.