Regular Practice Sessions

Regular practice sessions are designed for general public who have some specific ailments. The classes are conducted keeping in mind the individual’s health conditions and giving him personal attention to lead a healthy and fruitful life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Regular Yoga course consists of basic Asanas as well as set of Asanas to help him to overcome his ailments.

The course is a comprehensive one in nature keeping in mind that a ‘healthy mind lives in a healthy body.’



At Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati special emphasis is given to counseling. Patanjali Counseling Model (PCM) has been prepared for this purpose.

Counseling is based on the 2nd Sutra of Patanjali from Sadhana Pada of classic yoga –

“Yogas chitta-vrtti-nirodhah”

“Restraining the chitta (personality complex) from taking on modifications is yoga.”

The basic idea is to create awareness in us about us. This requires introspection at every step and at every stage of life.

All our needs are extended dimensions of our personality which largely depend on our attitude to life.

Counseling at the centre helps students & practitioners to build strong attitude to resist hardships and temptations, re-construct philosophy of life to widen horizons of self-improvement by separating the “I” from “Not I” ; the real from the unreal; the temporary from the permanent and perfect from not so perfect.

Taking into cognizance that the modern day life is full of strife, stress, helplessness, desperation and depression counseling helps in understanding situations, deal with them with courage so that one is not swayed by adversities.

The concepts of happiness and misery are re-defined in this counseling system to bring positive results.

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