Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati has designed it Yoga Teacher Training Courses – Yoga Shastri, Yogacharya & Vachaspati with a missionary zeal. Its motto is to train individuals – men & women in the t tradition of Classical Yoga Ideology and Technology.

The courses are selected from classical Yoga for developing an integrated personality for better psychological control of the human organisms and maintenance of steadiness and strength, the establishment of self reliance; self control; cultivation of objectivity in emotional experiences; and finally conditioning the self for greater receptiveness in the learning program. After having undergone such training the trained teachers are expected to serve the various health needs of the society.

The courses are devised to prevent, care and cure psychological diseases of their subjects.

The courses help to develop a pleasing personality, proficiency in public speaking, one-to-one interaction with students with patience and compassion.

The noble and ideal courses help the trained teachers to set up worthy goals, adopt healthy habits of living, place oneself in certain states of consciousness and create sufficient strength for the spiritual urge.