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“Each type of mood has a specific cause, and it lies within your own mind.”

- Paramahansa Yogananda

If you want to take control of your life you must start with taking control of your mind and the thoughts created by your mind. Most people are unaware most of the time of their own thoughts and what they are thinking. Most people just know that they feel a certain mood and they may link that mood to a person or a situation, but why they continue to suffer is because they take control of the mind.

If we don’t introspect and look at our thoughts, we cannot change the way we think and therefore we cannot really change our lives too profoundly. If you can change the way you think you can completely transform how you feel most of the time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could dictate how you feel? You can, but only by using your most powerful, most amazing organ- your brain.


1. Sit or lay down comfortably

2. Mentally ask your mind to bring forth it’s thoughts.

3. Watch or observe them as they show up.

4. Which ones serve you? Which ones are repeats? Which thoughts a limiting are hurtful?

5. Whenever a thought that hurts you or limits you comes forward,  deliberately go ahead and think the opposite and repeat the opposite to yourself in many forms. For example if the limiting thought is: “I am stupid.” Think, “I am intelligent.” or “I am very bright.” or “I am on a quest for knowledge.” or “I enjoy learning new things” or “There is a lot that I don’t yet know, I am excited about the never ending, infinite acquisition of knowledge.” Think 3-5 thoughts that are positive and which replace the limiting thought. When you engage in this back and forth with your mind, you will begin to over power the limiting thinking patterns and strengthen the positive, expansive thinking patterns.

6. Eventually with time and repetition you will find that positive thoughts just flow naturally even when you’re not actively engaged in this practice or perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised when in a situation that you usually would think negatively, you instead, naturally think a kind thought towards  yourself.


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