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Sound physical health begets sound mind & vice versa. Sound mind is the symbol of attentiveness, awareness, inwardness, better memory power and better concentration power.

Our ancient Indian Yogis have recommended various techniques to develop sound physical health and a sound mind.

Panch Kosh Sadhana through the practices of Yoni Mudra is one of the traditional and classical techniques. This simple technique is very educative, scientific and effective for spiritual thrust.

Our body has five layers. The layers are called cells or koshas.

The first outer layer is called Annamaya Kosh that is made up of bones, flesh, fats, blood etc.

The second layer is called Pranamaya Kosh that consists of breathing processes.

The third layer is called the Manomaya Kosh or the mental aspect of our being.

Fourth layer is called Vigyanamaya Kosh that is the intellectual aspect of our personality.

Fifth layer is called the Anandamaya Kosh that is referred to as the blissful state.

Finally we reach the celestial light.

In the practice of Yonimudra we try to open the doors to these layers. The opening of Koshas is accomplished through the breathing technique with the involvement of mental faculties.


1.   First adopt any meditative pose-either Vajrasana, Sukhasana, SiddhasanaorPadmasana.

2.   With the help of respective thumbs close your ear openings.

3.   With the help of index fingers close your eyes.

4.   With the help of middle fingers nostrils to be closed slightly so as to allow   normal breathing.
Nostrils should be closed to restrict breathing rate.

5.   With the help of ring fingers and little fingers upper and lower lips to be sealed.

6.   Now through both the nostrils take a deep inhalation.

7.  At the end of inhalation immediately start exhaling through both the nostrils and mentally
realize that the door of Annamaya Kosh is opening.

8.   At the end of exhalation and the opening of the first door take a long inhalation again.

9.   While exhaling mentally realize that the door to Pranamaya Kosh is opening.

10. After opening of the pranamaya Kosh and at the end of exhalation immediately start
deep inhalation.

11. Having inhaled, exhale and open the Manomaya Kosh mentally.

12. At the end of exhalation immediately start inhaling again.

13. Having inhaled, exhale and mentally try to open the door of Vigyanmaya Kosh.

14. Immediately start inhaling again.

15. At the end of inhalation immediately start exhaling and mentally try to open the
Manomaya Kosh.

16. At the end of exhalation immediately inhale again.

17. At the end of exhalation immediately open the door to Atmajyoti.

18. Let the mind be totally merged into the celestial light, this is the final stage of mind.

19. While concentrating on the celestial light the subject and object must merge into each other.

In this type of deep meditation the subject and object become one. One sees a very bright light as if at the end of a tunnel. The bright light may melt or dissolve and take up a liquid form.

In this state one has a very soothing and cool feeling. This blissful state cannot be described in words but can be expressed thus:

by Yogacharya Dr. Hansraj Yadav

Directer Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati


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