Psycho Shavasana

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There are two aspects of life – birth & death. Birth precedes death and after death there is bound to be a rebirth. This is a natural phenomenon. The process of birth and death is similar to that of seed & tree. Tree grows out of a seed and finally the tree regenerates the seed.

At birth, the mind of a new born baby is of the purest state. A new born baby is not aware of worldly affairs. The baby has no hatred, jealousy, aggressiveness, temptation, greed. tension or worries etc. Such a mind is called the ‘Mind of God.’.

‘Psycho Shavanana’ is one such technique developed by Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati that brings us back from the harsh realities of life the purest form of spiritual experience. After the practice of ‘Psycho Shavasana’ the practioner becomes a totally changed person – physically, mentally, sensually, emotionally and spiritually. He feels that he has taken a new birth.

The methodology involves two levels: (i) At physical level it is the posture and (ii) at mental level it is the concept (which is often accompanied by a conceptual commentary from the Guru or teacher).

The Posture: 1. Lie down supine i.e. on your spine. 2. Legs a little apart. 3. Hands on the side with palms facing upwards, fingers relaxed. 4. Eyes are closed. 4. Breathing should be normal.

Conceptual Instructions (by Guru or teacher): 1. Mentally realize that the weight of the body is sinking under the ground and going down and down till it finally settles under the ground.

2. The body having thus settled, start reverse counting mentally from number 10 to zero. Each count should be the exhalation of breath. 3. Having done reverse counting, mentally realize that the weight of the body has started increasing till one feels that it has become very heavy like a mountain. 4. Mountain is the symbol of firmness and steadiness. It is not affected by natural or environmental changes. 5. Thus we must cultivate the qualities of firmness and steadiness. We should accept whatever happens around us as part of natural cosmic phenomenon. Mentally be free from it. 6. Mountain benevolent, ready to help others by providing wood, roots, trees, fruits, mineral & herbal medicines etc. and does not expect anything in return. 7. Mountain’s action is without expectation. This is the quality one must inculcate in oneself. 8. The mountain has no ego. One must develop an egoless attitude.

9. Having thus shunned the ego, realize that the weight of body is reducing, it is becoming lighter & lighter like a balloon full of air. 10. Air is everywhere, the feeling gives a sense of weightlessness. 11. Thereafter feel that the temperature of the body has started rising. Gradually one feels that every part of the body has started burning, as if by fire. 12. Fire burns all the impurities of the body and finally turns the body to ashes. The only residue left behind is the ATMA. It cannot be burnt. 13. The ATMA is like the seed. Just as the seed has the potentiality to grow into a tree, ATMA has the potentiality to grow into a banyan tree of spirituality. 14. From tree one gets flowers, fruits and seeds. The cycle continues endlessly.

15. ATMA has the potentiality to transform personality. 16. ATMA starts growing in the womb of the mother. Gradually, child takes birth after nine months. 17. The newly born baby is not aware of worldly affairs. It knows no hatred, jealousy, aggressiveness, temptation, greed or worries etc. It suffers no stresses and strains. Such a mind is the ‘mind of God.’ 18. Therefore, when one returns from the ‘Psycho Shavasana’ posture to normal state, one feels as if one has taken a new life. 19. It is like the blossoming of a flower.

It is advisable to practice ‘Psycho Shavasana’ several times a day – die and be born anew with a heavenly and blissful feeling.

By: Yogacharya Dr. Hansraj Yadav

Director: Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati

Prof. SPJIMR (Yoga)


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